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An Accounting Team

That Understands Your Medical Practice

Does your office struggle with these problems?


You don’t have a clear budget, so you’re never sure if there’s enough money to cover major expenses.


You bill for services that you don’t get paid for.


You know you could be reducing your tax liability by optimizing your planning strategy, but you’re not sure how to make it happen.


You don’t know if your current business structure is ideal.

When you’re running a medical practice,

You don’t have time for financial mistakes.

But the enormous amount of laws and regulations you have to follow to remain in compliance can be so overwhelming that mistakes happen more often than they should.

Especially if you don’t have training in accounting or tax law to begin with.

Hiring a tax and accounting firm that understands the nuances of medical industry bookkeeping can mean the difference between compounding your stress and enjoying a peaceful and profitable practice.

How We Help

Benefits for your Medical Office

Navigate Complex Payment Systems

Private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and cash pay patients all bring different payment ecosystems to the table.

Our understanding of the complicated healthcare billing system means we know how to organize and run your books, no matter how much billing paperwork gets thrown our way.

Accurate + Timely Reporting

Keeping your books balanced is important for staying on track financially.

We provide your office with regular updates on cash flow, balance sheets, and the overall financial health of your business so you can feel confident knowing your business is doing well.

Save Money By Avoiding Financial Errors

Prevent mistakes before they occur by hiring a professional service to maintain your books.

Payroll mistakes, inaccurate financial reporting, and billing errors are just a few of the problems we regularly find in our new clients’ books.

Take Advantage of Every Available Tax Benefit

Medical equipment, licensing fees, seminar expenses, and office supplies are only a few of the deductions available to medical offices.

We make sure our medical clients never miss a deduction.

Secure Operating Capital for Financial Security

Unpredictable insurance payouts make keeping up your revenue harder than it should be.

We help you secure funding to keep things running smoothly.

Focus on Your Practice

Don’t waste your time or energy on tasks that can be outsourced to specialists. Focus on the practice of medicine while we focus on the business of medicine.

Our Services

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Tax Strategy for Medical Practices


Yearly Filing (Business & Personal)


Quarterly Estimates


Cash Flow Management & Budgeting


Accounts Payable & Receivable


Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation


Payroll Setup, Management, & Taxes


Medical Billing & Operations

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