In The Black Business Services

What it takes

To grow a small business.

My life experiences have given me firsthand knowledge of what it takes to grow a small business into a successful enterprise.

This is why I have so much heart and passion for helping small businesses thrive.

I know how much work you’ve put into building your dream into a reality.

That’s why I’m here: to help keep your business moving forward with a tax strategy geared toward helping you prosper.

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A little more about

In the Black Business Services

& CEO Larissa Mitchell-Reid

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Winner of NAACP Bakersfield Business of the Year Award

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Adjunct instructor of Entrepreneurial Mindset Course for Local Middle and High School Students

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Business Consultant for Local Women’s Business Center

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Is It Time To Hire A Professional?

As a business owner, do you ever feel like life is working against you?

Whether it’s the economy, lack of time, difficulty balancing work and life, or just the stress of getting through the day, things can get tough.

That’s why having a support team in place can mean the difference between sinking and swimming.

You cannot do it all yourself.

And you shouldn’t have to.

In the Black Business Services is dedicated to providing quality services at prices that make sense for small businesses.

We view each client in terms of their uniqueness, not as a number on a piece of paper.

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, people are starving for personalized attention. We pride ourselves on offering that to each and every one of our valued clients.

We’re here to help you stop trying to do it all yourself.

Are you ready to do less busywork so you can focus your time and energy on growing a successful business?